Introducing ORI, Granular Tofu Cat Litter Compatible with Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes

Introducing ORI, Granular Tofu Cat Litter Compatible with Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes

Natural Paw’s mission to strengthen the bond between the pet’s family and the pet is now expanding!  We are excited to introduce our latest innovative development, plant-based granular tofu cat litter. Natural Paw’s history has always been closely linked to the pandemic and the genesis of ORI, our granular cat litter, is also closely linked to the pandemic.

As our customers quickly migrated their work to a home office in the pandemic, automatic self cleaning litter robots became all the rage.  While Natural Paw’s tofu pellet litter is compatible with sifting litter boxes and a few self-cleaning litter boxes, there was clearly a need for a new product … raise the curtains… a year later and we have now completed development of our new granular tofu cat litter!  Using the same ingredient formulation loved by our Natural Paw customers, our granular litter is smaller in size but has all the same great features: flushable, lightweight, clumping, odor control, 99.9% dust free.  We are starting with our most popular scent: original / unscented and will introduce lavender and green tea in 2023.

While it has taken a full year to develop and test the new granular tofu cat litter, we have received incredible feedback from our loyal customer base during the testing phase.  While most of the testing was done on automatic self cleaning litter boxes, we did have some customers test the product in regular litter boxes or sifting litter boxes that also gave great feedback.  Please see our FAQ page for a full list of compatible litter boxes.  

We have decided to great a new brand, ORI, for our granular cat litter.  While you can purchase it on, the product is so different and novel that we wanted it to be differentiated.  We have a trademark on the product, which will help us continue to invest in its develop it and serve our customers to the highest degree.  You can still expect the same great customer service, liberal return and refund policy and family treatment with ORI.  Our team is here to serve you and your pet and we are excited to do so!  If you have any questions about the granular cat litter, feel free to message us in the chat, call eight zero four 245-8354 or email us at or   

ORI granular tofu cat litter for self cleaning litter boxes is on pre-sale now, save an extra 30% until December 31, 2022 or until we sell out of our first batch.  We are anticipating our first shipments to leave in January 2023, so please anticipate a delay in your delivery until our first batches are complete.  


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