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Granular Tofu Cat Litter for Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes, Clumping, 99% Dust Free, Lightweight and Flushable

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✅ COMPATIBLE WITH AUTOMATIC SELF-CLEANING LITTER BOXES*: Specifically designed to work with your automatic self-cleaning litter box robot. *Please see list below of litter robots that we have tested.


ORI Graystone Natural is the sister company of Natural Paw specifically designed for automatic self-cleaning litter boxes. Using the same great all-natural plant based ingredients, ORI is lightweight, flushable, 99.9% dust-free and easy to use. The simple one bag per cat per month allows for simple replenishment eliminating the need to store heavy litter bags or pails. While we plan on introducing more scents in the future, our top-selling unscented litter will be available for... Pre-order as soon as November 1, 2022. We plan on shipping the product in January of 2023 and will offer a substatial discount for customers that pre-order. Please visit our FAQ page to learn more about how to introduce the granular tofu cat litter to your furbaby and if ORI is compatible with your litter robot.

🐾 99.9% DUST FREE

No tracking; keeps surfaces clean. Great for families and cats with allergies. No more dust cloud when you pour into the litter box and no more dust plume when you clean the litter clumps.


2mm (charcoal) and 3mm pellet fast clumping action ideal for one or multi-cat households. Clumps in tight balls and traps ammonia smell. Gentle clumps that do not stick to paws. 


Keeps home smelling clean and fresh. Chose unscented, lavender or green tea scented litter and mix in charcoal litter for maximum odor control through activated charcoal. Filters harsh ammonia smells while gently masking feces smells through natural botanical essential oils.


Feather-light 4.5lb refill packs with easy-pour handle. No storage required in the pantry as entire contents can be poured monthly into the litter box. Easy-to-lift bag is one of the lightest on the market for 1 month per cat.


Stop late-night trips to the trash can or dumpster. Flush your litter easily directly from the litter box to the toilet. Naturally biodegradable and compostable. No artificial ingredients or harmful chemicals make this a great option for your household, your cat and the environment.

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